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Edisto Island, South Carolina--my home
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Edisto home

Let me offer a word of warning. Guard yourself as you cycle this beautiful island like a charming lover, Edisto will steal your heart.

There is something decidedly seductive and alluring about the island seascape, but Edisto's charm doesn't stop there. It is an unpretentious place where folks clad in T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are the norm. It is a place where a big night on the town involves hitting one of the local seafood joints for some fried shrimp, hushpuppies, and a bottle of cold beer. Nightlife starts with slow walks along the beach to watch the dying orange embers of the sun slowly dissolve into the blue waters of the inlet. Then a little later, if you are really looking for excitement, you can go on a guided beach walk to try to observe loggerhead turtles that nest here. And that's about it, folks. Even if the turtles don't show up for the entertainment portion of the moonlit show, you will experience the delicious sensation of the warm Atlantic waves licking your ankles as you walk barefoot along the ocean's edge.


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