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Ashley's Little Spot on the Web
Who is Ashley?
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Here's a little more about me......

Hi! I'm Ashley Lynn Murphy. I live on Edisto Island, South Carolina. I am a Junior at Walterboro High School (only one more year!). I'm 16 years old (16 was never so sweet). I moved to Edisto December 28th, to live with my Dad and Step-mom Linda. Things were rocky at first..but seem to be setting in for the smooth sailing.

This section told me to include information on where I've lived. That would take up a whole page. Before my parents separated, I moved ALL THE TIME. So I'll just list the states I've been in, that should surfice. I've lived in Michigan, Illinios, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. More than one city in each state also. I've been all over the East Coast.



-MOVIES: Cruel Intentions, Final Destination, Here on Earth, Dirty Dancing
-ACTOR: Ryan Phillippe
-ACTRESS: Julia Roberts
-T.V. Show: Full House
-COLOR: Blue
-STORE AT THE MALL: Pacsun and Old Navy
-FAVORITE SCARY MOVIE: I know what you did last summer
-LOVE SONG: Lifehouse: Hanging by a Moment
-ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Moose Tracks/Mint Chocolate Chip