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All About Ashley
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Its me, Ashley!


So you've stumbled upon my world huh? Well, nice to meet ya, I'm Ashley! I'm 20, a student at Macomb Community College majoring in Marketing, and currently living with my fantastic boyfriend Richard.
My interests? Well, I love cars. I have a 96 Sunfire, full body kit, headers, custom interior, custom paint, custom exhaust, a kick-ass system, and plenty more to come. I love to play pool, go to dinner, movies, ice skate, swim, and just have fun. There's more about me on the next page.
Other than that, there isn't much to tell. I'm a down to earth girl with her head in the sky. :o) I'm an all-american girl next door, with a big heart. Most people adore my compassion and trustworthiness. I'm extremely honest, and sometimes my willingness to voice my honest opinion gets me in a bit of trouble, but I can't help myself.
Well, thanks for stopping in, and taking time to know me just a lil better. What ya see is what ya get folks!